They Hide From Public Many Years: These Seeds Can Kill Cancer!

They Hide From Public Many Years: These Seeds Can Kill Cancer!

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Medicinal drugs should be used for treatment of diseases but the fact that humanity may disappeared from the world due to the pharmacy and medicine is horrifying.

While the media world into PR articles on chemotherapy and this death industry, on the other side everyone is silent about all available remedies that the revolutionary, who treats cancer as early as 24 hours and in the most severe disease.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky made a research on the properties of grape seeds extract. They found that what triggers the death of 76% of cancer cells and leukemia within 24 hours, and the extract is exposed in a lab experiment. Their research, published in the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, found that grape seeds extract caused the destruction of leukemia cells “by including” protein known as JNK that regulates the destruction of cancer cells


Science has many publicly available researches and studies showing that cancer is no more dangerous than any other disease that may or may not be result with death. Cancer can be treated with natural and effective methods, which are unfortunately hidden from the general public instead with aggressive and less effective methods


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