Probably each folks at least one time confronted with red wrinkled skin area of the mouth area, tingling, itching, appearance of ill bubbles that eventually burst which creates yellowish scabs, and then your wounds heal in about 7-10 days and nights.

In your mind immediately comes up the question: How to remove herpes? – There are various ways to eliminate the herpes, the most frequent medical choice is Acyclovir (by means of gel or cream), but you can expect nature recipes that could save you out of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Salt – The kitchen salt is necessary ingredient and every person have it in the home. Exactly, this is one way to take care of the herpes quickly. Put very small amount of salt on the damaged area and repeat several times throughout the full day.

Propolis – A drop of propolis dry and disinfect the wound perfectly. Apply propolis to the damaged area 3 -4 times daily.

Gas of tea tree – We recommend to use on every 2 time. You’ll be able to appear hook tingling, but after two days and nights you will just forget about this nagging problem.

Garlic clove – We’ve all found out about the beneficial ramifications of garlic, found in various diseases, without exemption and in dealing with herpes. Garlic clove is a fantastic antiviral agent.

Aloe Vera – Make an effort to solve this issue with aloe vera, with the use of the certain area.


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