Seven-Day Juice Fast

Seven-Day Juice Fast

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Juicing fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to re-energize and nourish the body. If you have been feeling bloated, fat, or generally unhealthy lately, this method of delivering vitamins and minerals to your system will

significantly improve your health and wellness altogether. Of course, exercising and proper eating habits are crucial factors that contribute to weight loss and increased wellness. Integrating juicing into your lifestyle will further increase all health benefits that you can derive from leading a healthier lifestyle.


One of the most popular juicing trends of recent years is the 7-day juice fast. This technique is being used even by celebrities and recommended by doctors for those who want to detoxify and reset the body back to zero. People who have come out of the 7-day juice fast successfully look and feel reinvigorated, re-energized, and a few pounds lighter too. If you want to know more about juicing and the 7-day juice fast, read on!

Fundamentals of Juicing

Vegetable and fruit juicing is key to optimum health, as the basic ingredients are excellent sources of raw food. Our body needs raw foods daily as they deliver nutrients at ideal concentrations. With a steady source of pure, unadulterated vitamins and minerals, your body is thoroughly nourished. In addition, the introduction of high amounts of raw foods trigger detoxification, successfully removing impurities which have clogged the digestive system and the bloodstream. The efficient removal of toxins pave the way to weight loss, faster metabolism, enhanced absorption of nutrients, and increased energy levels like no other. The outcomes of juicing are impressive and are proven to be 100% safe too.

The 7-Day Juice Fast

Cleansing the body with nutritious fruit and vegetable juices need not be an everyday affair. In this day and age, we want a nutritional program that we can keep up with and can produce results in record time. A wellness program that is rather easy and straightforward and will only require quick preparations. This is where the 7-day juice fast comes in.

In essence, a juice fast resets the physiological process which have been severely hampered by external stressors such as toxins, stress, pollutants, and preservatives-filled food items. It is the quickest way to detox the body which in turn results in successful weight loss. It introduces a wide array of nutrients to the body by means of pure, raw, and nutrient-filled juices. Unlike traditional fasting wherein an individual does not ingest food altogether, the 7-day juice fast involves the intake of vegetable and fruits juices saturated raw food. Therefore, it is not fasting per se, but merely a process by which unhealthy food choices are taken out of the regular diet and then replaced with nothing but nutritious juices that will instantly fill you up, while instantaneously cleansing your body.

Fruits and vegetables

When used wisely, the 7-day juice fast can truly bring about beautiful and healthy results. From glowing skin, to a flat tummy, the juice fast introduces your body to nutrients that reset physiological processes, making you feel light, fresh, and invigorated.
Juiced fruits and vegetables that are used for the 7-day juice fast do not contain fiber, but instead are enriched with organic hydration nutrients and enzymes from plants. Although dietary fibers are crucial for good nutrition, going without them for a seven days is beneficial as the body spends lesser energy on digestion and more time to cleanse and detoxify the different organ systems instead. Juicing draws out old, acidic waste which may have been polluting your body for a while now. Once these impurities are removed, the metabolic processes jumpstart and become more efficient once you resume normal eating habits.

Weight loss is not the only reason why you should try out the 7-day juice fats. For those who are suffering from constant headaches, constipation, diarrheic episodes, fatigue, stress, and irritability, juicing is an excellent means to stop these symptoms, so you can lead a healthier life. By eliminating toxins, you will find yourself with more energy, which you can then use for exercise.

For a 7-day juice fast to be successful, you will need to prepare yourself, physically and psychologically, for the one week that you will not be eating regular food. This may be a little scary for some, but bear in mind that in a juice fast, you are less likely to starve since you are continuously introducing nourishment to your system. There are no standard recipes for a juice fast, since you can virtually use any combination of fruits and vegetable for the next seven days. There are, however, guidelines in the preparation of fruits and vegetables for the fasting to be effective for weight loss and detoxification. Here are some of them:

– Make sure that 50% of the juices you drink are made from green veggies. They are not palatable especially among those who are not used to eating vegetables during ordinary days. This is where the addition of fruits come in. Do not be afraid to use fruits that taste sweet, since their sugar content is at ideal concentrations, and that they are all natural too so you do not have to worry about weight gain altogether. Bear in mind though that the juices should not contain 100% fruits as this may lead your blood sugar levels to increase. This will not only result in weight gain, but the formation of yeast and bacteria, which may not be a good idea, as this may lead to infection.

green vegetables

– Choose fruits that contain simple sugars, or those with low sugar levels. Berries, lemons, and grapefruit are excellent additions when you create juices as they are proven to be excellent alkalinizers and feature very low sugar concentrations too.

– In terms of the amount of juice that you need to drink per day to induce weight loss results, you may need to consult with your physician before starting on a 7-day juice fast. This is to ensure that your needs are addressed accordingly, and juice fasting will not create electrolyte imbalance altogether. At the least, you will need to drink three liters of juice to trigger detoxification while still giving your body the opportunity to perform crucial functions too.

– You will need to take some time off from performing rigorous physical activities to conserve energy and let your body recharge too. Sleep and relaxation are crucial in making juice fast a truly successful experience for you!
Now that you are already equipped with knowledge on the basics of juicing and the general guidelines on how to go about this weight loss and cleansing process, you may now head out condition yourself to a 7-day wellness program!


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