How To Remove Bloated Belly In Just 60 Seconds With This Incredible...

How To Remove Bloated Belly In Just 60 Seconds With This Incredible Belly-Fat-Burning Recipe!

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A bloated belly is much more than an aesthetic issue. You may not be able to button your jeans or pants, and you may look like an inflated balloon, but the real problem is that you feel uneasy. As a matter of fact, most people describe this discomfort as if they were carrying a lot of weight in their stomach.

One of the most effective recipes against bloating is Sassy Water, named after nutritionist and author Cynthia Sass. What’s important about this tonic is that it has almost no calories while it’s a powerful fat burner.  Moreover, this amazing combination of ingredients improves digestion, nutrient absorption and overall health.

Cynthia Sass has also proposed an effective weight loss regimen called ‘The flat belly diet’ which is based on drinking Sassy water for losing weight. What most people don’t realize is the importance of maintaining electrolyte balance in the body, while preventing water retention, something which plain water cannot provide even if you drank 2l a day. But, Sassy water prevents water retention in your body while balancing your electrolytes, which is why it’s an excellent substitute for plain water.


Sassy Water Recipe


  • 2l water
  • 12 small mint leaves
  • 1 tsp. freshly grated ginger
  • 1 thinly sliced, medium-sized lemon
  • 1 peeled, thinly sliced, medium-sized cucumber


Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher. Leave for an hour for the infusion to blend well. Drink 8-10 glasses a day instead of water.

Due to its super healthy ingredients, this recipe is extremely beneficial for improving digestion, curbing appetite, and preventing constipation and bloating.

If you want more details on how to prepare sassy water, watch the video below.


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