New Study Reveals that Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And It...

New Study Reveals that Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And It Only Targets Cancer Cells)

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Ginger is known for its ability to cure many different diseases. It has numerous uses and it provides many beneficial effects, including its ability to cure cancer.

It has been scientifically proven that turmeric has a positive impact on cancer, and nowadays, studies reveal that ginger, its cousin, is as potent as turmeric and it has the same effect.  As a matter of fact, a new study reveals that ginger is even more effective than most of the prescribed medications for treating cancer.  Some medications have been found to be a complete failure, as they accelerate the death in patients diagnosed with cancer.


The Power of Ginger

According to an animal (mice) study conducted by The Georgia State University, ginger extract has the ability to reduce the size of the prostate tumor by 56%. In addition, apart from reducing the effects of cancer, ginger has been proven to reduce inflammation and to provide life-enhancing antioxidants to the mice.

In addition to this, the PLoS has issued a study suggesting that 6-shogaol, a compound found in ginger, is a better option that the conventional cancer treatment- chemotherapy. This compound targets only the root of the breast cancer, its stem cells.

These stem cells are also known as “mother cells”. They lead to a wide range of cancers, not only breast cancer. They create various daughter cells which further invade the body. Although stem cells made up only 1% of the tumor cell constitution, they are almost immortal.

This means that cancer stem cells have the ability to self-renew and to multiply without cessation. Furthermore, they are resistant to conventional chemotherapy and have the ability to create new tumor colonies. Cancer free body is a body which is free of stem cells, meaning that the stem cells are killed off within the tumor.

A recent study suggests that 6-shaogal is very potent when it comes to fighting against the stem cells within the tumor. This active compound is formed when the ginger root is dried or cooked, and it can be used for numerous purposes. However, there is yet another thing that makes ginger more effective than chemotherapy.

It has been found that ginger provides these effects on cancer in condition when the amounts of the ginger extract are not toxic to healthy cells. In other words, this active compound found in ginger destroys cancer cells only, and it leaves the non-cancerous ones unaffected. This makes ginger far superior to chemotherapy and other conventional cancer treatments, as they don’t have this type of selective cytotoxicity and tend to do more harm than good.

When it comes to breast cancer, 6-shaogal also considerably affects the cell cycle, and this leads to an increased cancer cell death. These cells are basically programmed to die, through the induction of autophagy. In addition, it also reduced the formation of breast cancer spheroids. Still, this amazing compound provides many more beneficial properties.

Finally, this study revealed that 6-shaogal is far superior in killing cancer stem cells than the cancer drug taxol. Even in cases of increased taxol concentration, 6-shaogal was still much more effective for staggering 10,000 times. In addition, this indicates that 6-shaogal is more potent and more effective in stopping the tumors from forming and keeping the healthy cells unaffected.

However, we need further research in the field of cancer and cancer treatments, and the power of natural remedies has to be revealed. We should finally understand how wrong the way of treating certain disease is, and how it makes our body sick at the meantime.


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