Nature Cure For Arthritis

Nature Cure For Arthritis

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There is an Herxheimer reaction that is good, showing that the remedy works, but you need to continue with it for 2-3 weeks. There are a lot of people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It is an aggravating experience that offers a lot of pain.

There are medication that start with several pills in the beginning and once the pain is relieved they lower the number to one pill a day for maintaining the problem. The doctors use a chart for this kind of medications.

In 1986 the Rheumatoid Disease Foundation received an information on Boron and Arthritis form R. E. Newman Ph.D, D.O., N. D. of leads England.

Boron is a chemical element that can be found in the soil, water, food and in small amounts in the body. It is vital for the functioning of the body.

In the developed countries there are 20 % of people with muscle – skeleton disease, known as arthritis. While in the countries where the boron is not found in the soil the number is much higher.

In places where there is more boron in the soil the muscle- arthritis is much less.- Dr Newman statement.

Dr. Newman  has a hypothesis that vitamin research organizations and physicians can help this problem. The osteo-trace, B-alive and Bone salts tablets have helped the elderly in Still disease, Juvenile arthritis, Lupus and severe form of Systematic Lupus Erithromathosa.

Boron can be found in high amounts in the apples, pears, nuts, leafy vegetables and legumes. The average intake of boron is individual, and its depending on one’s diet regimen. Vegetarians need up to 20 mg of boron while as some may only have 0.2 mg per day. Dr Newman is stating that it seems reasonable for the people to require boron in their system 1 to 2 mg per day, according some research based on animal experiments.

People have been using boron pills as food supplements to defeat arthritis. They take 3 pills a day and in the period of 1 to 3 months they continue taking the pill so that the swelling, stiffness and pain disappear completely.

The American Nutritious Research Center gives an answer that people suffering from osteoporosis will live longer and pain free it they intake boron supplement. It was shown that the boron reduces the daily loss if calcium by nearly 50 %.

I have already mentioned some fruits and vegetables that are rich with boron, but besides this the honey is a very good source too. All of the food should be grown organically, because the apple that is grown organically can have up to 20 mg of boron, while as the apple grown with fertilizer can have as much as 1 mg boron.

The same rules apply for other fruits and vegetables.
This only means that the boron should be daily consumed if you want to cure and prevent arthritis.




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