This is The Most Effective Folk Remedy For The Treatment of Flu,...

This is The Most Effective Folk Remedy For The Treatment of Flu, Colds, Cough, Menstrual And Abdominal Pain

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Stomach and menstrual pain, colds common cough, muscle soreness, inflammation, influenza will be past for you when you start using this fold remedy.

There are so many different chemicals cures for those kind of health problems, but why should we use them, when we can use 100% natural remedy. It is not just that it is natural remedy or that is much more healthier, it provides even better results. It won’t damage the immune system, so feel free to give it to your kid.

This is one of the easiest treatments. A cotton ball in 50% alcohol will do the trick. After squashin the excess alcohol, apply the cotton ball over your belly button. Cover the cotton ball with a plastic bag in order to secure it.

If you have pain, that this is the solution for you. And not just that it is good against pain, it is really good to relax your muscles, in case of tense muscles.

Menstrual pain can be really horrible, so just by laying down and by gently pressing the cotton ball on your belly button, you can solve that problem. Do the same if you suffer from abdominal pain.

For even better results, add some salt on the cotton ball.


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