5 Health Problems You Can Heal with Bananas Instead of Medication

5 Health Problems You Can Heal with Bananas Instead of Medication

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One of the most beneficial exotic fruits, bananas are abundant in carbohydrates and fiber, which makes them highly efficient as instant energy boosters. Aside from increasing your energy levels, bananas also possess therapeutic

properties linked to a number of health issues. Read on to find out in which cases you should reach for a banana instead of a pill.

  1. Blood Pressure

Bananas are full of potassium, which is extremely efficient in regulating blood pressure levels because it counteracts the sodium levels in the body. Sodium is known as a major cause of hypertension when ingested in abundance. In fact, it’s been proven that blood pressure normally rises when the levels of potassium and sodium are misbalanced, i.e. when there is high sodium and low potassium intake. In order to keep you blood pressure under control, eat one banana first thing in the morning.

  1. Stress

Stress is the root cause of many modern-age diseases. In fact, chronic stress severely undermines your overall health. For instance, stress depletes your body of potassium because it accelerates metabolism. However, you can easily restore this potassium imbalance by eating a banana a day. Bananas contain enough potassium to stabilize your heartbeat, provide sufficient oxygen supply to your brain, and control the amount of water in your body.

  1. Depression

Regular consumption of bananas can significantly improve your mood and fight off depression due to the fact that this exotic fruit packs a high content of tryptophan, an amino acid that naturally stimulates the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. One banana a day is enough to boost your serotonin levels and keep the smile on your face throughout the day.

  1. Bloating and constipation

Aside from potassium and tryptophan, bananas are also rich in pectin, which is highly beneficial for improving digestion and promoting the elimination of toxins and heavy metals from the body. Plus, bananas act like probiotics which stimulate intestinal function and promotes easy elimination of waste. This in turn prevents constipation as well as bloating.

  1. PMS symptoms

Last, but not least, bananas are high in vitamin B6, which positively affects blood glucose levels. Moreover, several studies have confirmed that vitamin B6 is particularly beneficial for relieving PMS symptoms. In addition, bananas alleviate abdominal and chest pain, prevent mood swings and water retention.


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