3 Natural Home Remedies For Nail Growth Fast And Effectively

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Nails are made up of a special protein called as Keratin. The toenails usually develop faster than the fingernail. There are some factors in life which may lead to slow growth of nails due to lack of nutrients, medications, health problems or hormonal changes in your body.

There are few home remedies which you can use for growth of the nail.


Garlic is one of the best home remedies for nail growth. It protects the nails against infection due to antibacterial and antifungal properties. It does not stimulate the growth of the nail but it makes your nail thick and smooth. Garlic is used for nail health and beauty.

Cut a Garlic Clove

  • You need to cut a garlic clove in half and then rub it on your fingers and keep it for few minutes to absorb
  • Mix some cloves of garlic to make its paste and then apply it on your nail for 5 minutes.Use this remedy so that you can get a good result.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential factor for the health of nails and hair. It is helpful to make the vitamin E more for nails and quickly stimulates the growth of the nail.

-You can add essential oils to vitamin E and then mix it together

-Warm up the mixture a bit by heating

-Dip your nails in the mixture and leave it for overnight

Night Treatment

It is memorable that night is an ideal time to take care of your nails. Before going to bed, massage the nails with vitamin E or favorite oils as follows:

  • Cut 2 to 3 vitamin capsules and apply it to your nails
  • Wear manicure gloves at night and keep them overnight
  • Get rid of the gloves in the morning. Do this for a week to feel the better change.


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