Drinking Water on Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up!


Experts say that normal water on clear stomachis a very important thing you can certainly do for save your valuable health.
A long time ago Japanese folks have proven it. They declare, if you practice it every day you haven’t issues with cancer, heart defeating fast, arthritis,meningitis etc.

To get great results you will need follow this order every day:

1. The very first thing you must do after getting up, even before cleaning teeth is having 4 x 160 ml of drinking water.

2. Then you can brush your tooth and another 45 minutes don’t eat anything.

3. After eating breakfast time, lunchtime and meal do not eat or drink anything for another 2 time.

If you consume 4 cups of drinking water of day, dangers of cancer tumor will go away for 180 times, TB for 3 months, high blood circulation pressure and diabetes for thirty days and constipation and gastric for 10 days and nights.

Individuals who have problems with joint disease should practice treatment only 3 times the first week and continue daily from in a few days.

Normal water is healthy and there no area results.


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